Saturday, May 22, 2010

Challenge #2 Tilda and Edwin Play BINGO

Happy 2nd birthday Magnolia-licious. The explosion boxes started the festivities off with bang! So much creativity! I wanted to get the games going.

Tilda and Edwin are going to play bingo with your help. The game is simple. Starting today, frequent the Magnolia-licious group site and files, the MBB blog and my blog at looking for the "golden words". Don't forget to look in the galleries as well. You never know where one will turn up. Think of it like an Easter Egg hunt.

Keep track of the daily words and plug into the bingo card for Tilda and Edwin, not all words will be on the card though. That would be too easy. When you have bingo, leave a comment on this post including your 5 words, " BINGO", and your e-mail address. You will then be entered into the drawing for the weekly prize. Bingo will be good ol' fashioned 5 across, down or diagonal. None of the fancy stuff.
The Prize for this week is Provided by The Magnolialicious store- a package of flowers; and iheartscrapbookingink- a 3pk of Copics.

Here is an example of what a golden bingo word would look like. Strawberry Tilda. On the blogs the bingo words will be yellow. On any other site they will be in quotation marks. Here is the bingo card. Anyone who is feeling ultra creative is more than welcome to create a card or papercraft utilizing one of the images or techniques found on the bingo grid. Upload and share. Again, Happy Birthday Magnolia-licious, Let us all eat Cake!

I suggest printing the bingo card for reference. LOL and have fun.

Carpe Diem, Carlotta


  1. Jungle Tilda, Copics, Free Space, Peach, Kissing Tilda, "Bingo"! my email:

  2. Jungle tilda, Copics, Free space, peach, Kissing tilda BINGO
    EMAIL is

  3. Jungle Tilda, Copics, free space, Peach, Kissing Tilda Bingo my email is
    Thanks for the fun !

  4. Jungle Tilda, Copics, free space, Peach, Kissing Tilda
    my email:

  5. Jungle Tilda, Copics, Free Space, Peach & Kissing Tilda - BINGO!
    my e-mail is
    Happy Birthday!

  6. Big Congrats to my Sis Charlene for winning!!! WooHoo!!!!